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A Head of the Shed: Your Parkwood Tributary

from Parkwood Garden Club, by neighbor Lisa Gordon, Environmental Scientist, Water Quality Planning Branch, Water Protection Division, U.S. EPA

How well do you know the little creek that runs through our neighborhood? Why is it so small? Where does it go? Do you know where you see it again once it leaves the Parkwoods? I work on river and stream issues in the Southeast in my job as a biologist at EPA, and over the years I’ve gotten to know our little stream, as I’ve used it to teach local school kids about stream ecology. I find that I am always intrigued by how interesting a little stream can be — and how much we may not know about it! For starters, I find that this stream, in particular, is interesting simply based on where it is located. If you drive along DeKalb or College Avenues running parallel to the MARTA and CSX Railroad tracks, you are actually driving along a ridgeline — the highest point that divides different drainage systems or watersheds.

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