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Parents for DeKalb County Schools : Take the Approval Rating Poll

(Parents for DeKalb County Schools Listserv)
Would you invest in a company without a permanent CEO for 532 days (in a row, in fact) with declining returns? Well, unfortunately you already are. $775 million per year, in fact, thanks to the DeKalb County School System (

If you are indeed ready to take action and demand that the DeKalb County School System (DCSS) get its act together, your help is needed. As a group, our top priority, for now, is that the Board hires a qualified superintendent from outside of the system as soon as possible, nothing less. While there are many, many other concerns, we must remain laser focused on this critical item. The rest will come with time.

Today’s Assignment

Distribute the link to the DCSS approval rating poll ( to at least 10 parents or concerned DeKalb residents as soon as possible.
Extra credit: Max out your social networks and real world networks to reach every nook and cranny of the county.

We must continue to build a way to connect with people who care and who can be motivated to do something about their concerns.

What’s the point of all this, you ask?

Very soon we’ll provide additional direction so that we, as a group, can work together to:

  • -smother our elected officials with letters, phone calls, and emails in a coordinated fashion.
  • organize and attend attention gaining events
  • do amazing things we never thought possible in such a desperate situation

We can successfully act as a unit rather than as individuals who grow weary and give up the cause.

In just over 24 hours we’re approaching a size of 200 strong. Volunteers have already raised their hands and said “What can I do!?” There’s been the first bit of online news coverage (Brookhaven Patch), some Twitter activity (@parents4dcs), and some blog posts. But we need more.

Immediate Needs of Parents for DeKalb County Schools:

  • People who will tap into their personal networks, both online and off, to assist us in connecting with concerned parents, citizens, and leaders throughout DeKalb County. Leave the parents of no school behind! (sorry for that) This is critical!
  • Expertise in event organizing
  • An aspiring culturally relevant musician or music group
  • A premier web site guy or gal
  • A video guru of gurus
  • The involvement of both moms and dads. (This isn’t just for half of us to take on.)

Get to work on today’s assignment. Call or email with any questions or, of course, offers of assistance. If you’re on Google+ (, send us an email so that we can schedule a Hangout–that’s a group video meeting of up to 10 people–and get to know each other better.

Thanks for taking the plunge. The journey is underway!

Parents for DeKalb County Schools
(678) 590-1705

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