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Bike Lanes in Druid Hills

Bike Lane Graphic on Road

(Submitted by a Morningside resident who bikes through Druid Hills)

I am a Morningside resident and cyclist who regularly rides through the Druid Hills neighborhood.  On my ride today I had some thoughts I would like to share with you regarding improvements you might make for cyclists.

I was riding north on Lullwater Rd. and noticed that there was a “space” to the right that could be used as a bike lane. I say could be because the space is overgrown with weeds, kudzu, and tree limbs. Also, the paint for the white line is aged, and faded, and nearly non existent. It wouldn’t take much to clear out the lane, repaint the line, and put bicycle stencils in the lane.

A bike lane on Lullwater would then merge nicely with the roundabout at N. Decatur Rd. where a new bike lane has been carved out for cyclists. Another bike lane has been designated on Clifton where it heads north through the Emory campus.

As a cyclist I can tell you that bike lines are not only welcoming, they increase safety for cyclists and cars. This past week two Atlanta cyclists have been killed in collisions with cars. The bike lanes also make the neighborhood stand out as a “green” neighborhood which is environmentally friendly, a selling point for homebuyers.

Further south on Clifton, the road widens as one enters the area of the Druid Hills golf club. This area could have a bike lane as well, but it, too, is full of weeds, tree limbs, and debris. The white line is faded. This is another great area for improvement.

You might want to see where other neighborhoods have made similar improvements. Go south on Ponce de Leon toward downtown Decatur. The road was repaved with a nice bike lane. It invites the driver and cyclist to visit downtown Decatur. Also, in Inman Park, Edgewood has a section designated as a bike lane.

I hope you will discuss this proposal at your next meeting.

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