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Quarterly Update from Commissioner Kathy Gannon

Friends and Neighbors, I can not believe how quickly summer has flown by and fall is in the air. This summer has seen DeKalb face many budgetary hurdles and I want to thank all of you who have reached out to me with your thoughts, ideas or suggestions for making DeKalb a better community. I know we will not always agree, but please know I always have the best intentions for you and all of DeKalb in mind when weighing the facts presented to me when making a decision.

Redistricting of Political Boundaries

I recently hosted meetings in North and South DeKalb to discuss the 2010 Census demographic changes that will drive reapportionment and change our political boundaries. Redistricting for Congressional, Senate and House districts was completed during the Special Legislative Session and is winding its way to court. It is no surprise that the new lines favor Republicans and will likely mean 2 fewer house represetatives for DeKalb County. Please click here to view the Legislative and Reappointment Office website with proposed maps.

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