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Clifton Ridge Update

A brief update on the Clifton Ridge Dispute:

We’ve waited to update you on both the legislative and legal fight against the proposed Clifton Ridge subdivision until the pace of events had somewhat settled down.

On the legislative front, the news is all good! Thanks to the efforts of many folks (too many to mention each individually), we successfully stopped the developers’ bill (HB 474) in its tracks. It didn’t even make it out of its original committee hearing and, as we learned when the session ended on March 28, it wasn’t attached as a rider to any other bill. Special thanks to our neighbor Drew Graham of the law firm Hall, Booth & Smith and that firm’s government affairs attorneys Brad Carver and Scott Cole, as well as to our legislators Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, Rep. Howard Mosby, and Sen. Jason Carter.

On the litigation front, as you know we had a hearing before DeKalb Superior Court Judge Asha Jackson on March 18. About 50 dedicated neighbors attended the contentious and complicated seven-hour session. And we’re pleased to report that thus far all rulings have been in our favor — plus, the developers have agreed to leave the Temporary Restraining Order in place until Judge Jackson rules on a number of the issues heard at the March hearing.

Judge Jackson can rule on any or all of the issues heard at any time and we will keep you posted when the Judge rules.

That means things are, as one of our attorneys, Rob Benfield, put it, “mercifully quiet on the litigation battle front” right now. As hard and smart and long as Rob has fought for us, he certainly deserves a breather! We believe our case is as solid and right as it always has been — now we must trust that Judge Jackson will come to that same conclusion.

Thanks for continuing your support and determination to Deny Clifton Ridge/Preserve Druid Hills. We’ll let you know as soon as any rulings are announced

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