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A proposed new zoning ordinance for DeKalb County has serious implications for the Druid Hills neighborhood. Under the new ordinance, all properties in the county will receive a new zoning classification. The DeKalb County administration appears eager to push through the new ordinance.

Here are some of the proposed changes:

-Reduce the size of buffers between zoning classifications to make it easier to redevelop commercial corridors;

-Eliminate the 35 ft. height limitation in zones classified for office buildings, thereby permitting five-story buildings to go up adjacent to single family homes;

-Exempt pervious pavement from paving restrictions, enabling homeowners to pave all or larger portions of their properties (this affects the watershed);

-Severely limit the ability of homeowners and public officials to appeal land use decisions;

-Allow administrative reductions of required setbacks and minimum lot sizes;

-Allow the construction of cell phone towers anywhere without adequate recourse for homeowners and businesses;

-Allow for rezoning with embedded variances (“concurrent variance”);

-Provide for generous density bonuses in many zones countywide.

Stay tuned for updates!

  1. I find this legitimately surprising. What prompted the proposal?

  2. Margaret #

    This is awful, I missed this before and it is now in older posts – can this be re-circulated for more community input?

  3. dhcacommunications #

    No. The proposed DeKalb County zoning ordinance will go forward regardless of whether of not new cities are formed or land is annexed into existing ones. The Georgia General Assembly will decide the boundaries of any new city in DeKalb. This will be done in the 2014 session, starting in January 2014.

  4. Kathy #

    Can we accelerate the plan to incorporate or annex to another entity? Would this potentially work, at a minimum to slow things down?

  5. DHCA #

    Druid Hills residents should urge the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners to take more time to hear from constituents about the proposed changes. The new ordinance is not ready to be passed. You may refer to the specific items on the post above. Here’s how to get in touch with the commissioners:
    You may also attend the meetings to learn about the ordinance and voice your concerns. The meeting schedule is:

    • September 10 – Planning Department presents revisions to Planning and Economic Development Committee of the Board of Commissioners; 2PM, Maloof Building, 5th Floor

    • September 16 – Public meeting specifically on cell towers (time and place TBD)

    • September 24 – Planning Department presents revisions to Planning and Economic Development Committee of the Board of Commissioners; 2PM, Maloof Building, 5th Floor

    • October 7 – Public meeting to discuss zoning code. Time and place TBD, but probably an evening meeting at Maloof auditorium. Same format as previous meeting with discussion tables.

    • November 7 – Planning Commission Public Hearing (night meeting)

    • November 19 – Board of Commissioners Public Hearing (night meeting)

    • January 1, 2014 – Effective date for new zoning code

  6. Kelly #

    Who are the parties behind this initiative?

  7. Mike St. Louis #

    Yikes. So what can Druid Hills residents do?


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