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DHCA Supports Druid Hills Patrol Initiative

In response to an increase in neighborhood crime, the Druid Hills Patrol is launching a campaign to increase membership to 1000+ households. The goal is to provide more officer hours and an expanded patrol boundary in order to reach every home in Druid Hills.

“We will drop our membership dues from $40 to $25 per month on a six month trial basis,” said Druid Hills Patrol president David Martin. The special rate is for new and renewing members during the period between October 1 and March 31. This rate is 60% of the current membership dues.

Presently, the Druid Hills Patrol covers divisions 1, 4 and 7 [click for map], which encompasses the area from Fairview Road to Emory Road with Briarcliff Road to the west and Clifton Road to the east.

Reaching the new membership goal with its increased income will be a major factor in determining whether the Patrol can afford to expand its scope of operations.

“The Druid Hills Patrol officers are critical not only for the internal security of our neighborhood, but also as liaisons to the larger police forces of City of Atlanta and DeKalb, respectively,” said DHCA president Justin Critz. “Please consider enrolling in this valuable service.”

Is the price of security worth $25 a month?

“In my opinion, yes,” said Judy Yates, a Patrol board member.  “The benefits of not filing insurance claims, not paying deductibles, and having our own officer available to advocate during shift change meetings for follow-ups and investigations by police headquarters, and to have our own officers appear in court . . . those benefits are worth the cost of annual membership.”

Are you in?

Our Campaign Action Plan will begin with 12 volunteers for four months, 4 volunteers for a year, plus 6-8 homeowners who are willing to host in-home meetings of 15-25 attendees. We will divide the patrol area into four territories and use door-to-door canvassing, email, flyers, direct mail, and small in-home discussion groups during the drive.

The Patrol is a 501(c)4 and not affiliated with the DHCA.

Volunteers should contact Judy Yates at

To join, please visit or mail a $75 check for October-December dues to P.O. Box 15405, Atlanta, GA 30333.   Please make sure that your address is on the check.

  1. mary #

    I would prefer to pay more and have the Patrol pay more attention when patrolling. Just in the past week, I saw them drive quickly up & down the street, looking straight ahead. Never slowing, and not looking at homes. I’d like to support my neighbors, but isn’t the starting point talking about how to improve this service? That’s what would make me think about membership.

    • Judy #

      I have noticed the same driving on my streett. Thanks for bringing attention to this. We’ll talk about it in our next board meeting in a couple of weeks with the goal of having the officers patrol and carefully observe.

  2. Jeanne #

    Outgoing mail was taken by thiefs on Friday on Springdale rd.

  3. Ginger #

    We live in zone 2. Glad to contribute when coverage can be expanded.

  4. In various neighborhoods in the Druid Hills community, people are emailing back and forth about crime. Please step forward and volunteer with the Patrol. We need to talk all together about solutions whether street lights, sting operations, and/or boosting the Patrol so that we can have more coverage for more hours and more officers.

  5. Concerned and Frustrated #

    I stopped my membership because each time I saw a patrol car, he was distracted by talking on his cell phone. Even when I would wave at the patrol person, he never waved back.

  6. Concerned and Frustrated #


    i think if we compared car break ins between lighted streets and unlighted streets, there would be a difference. Can DHP break it out by that?


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