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Fernbank Meeting Tonight

We urge Druid Hills residents to attend the Fernbank School Council and PTA Meeting on Wednesday, February 5, 7pm (doors open at 6pm for design preview) at the Fernbank Elementary cafeteria, 3131 Old Rockbridge Road, Avondale Estates. Representatives of the DeKalb County School District will provide an update on the construction of the new Fernbank Elementary School. This will be an opportunity for the public to get information and provide feedback and comments. Childcare for school-aged children and pizza for the kids will be provided courtesy of Fernbank Aftercare and the Fernbank Foundation.

For more information on the Fernbank School, please visit

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  1. Gene Barger #

    I attended the meeting last night and witnessed the County/DCSD officials acknowledge that the process had been flawed from the beginning in terms of not having engaged the community with open meetings and listening directly to input about the new school design. While the DCSD assured everyone that the project is “on schedule” and that we still have time to make modifications that will enable the building to be more properly sited, many parents are still convinced that any such modifications will compromise the construction timetable. It is important for folks to know that modifications have already been made for other schools. Peachcrest is being allowed a “mirrored” design (which Fernbank really needs in order to avoid dangerously high retaining walls), Smokerise is being built on a smaller footprint to house only 600 students, and Greshan Park is being afforded another site consideration. All of this information is embedded in the meeting minutes posted on the DeKalb SPLOST IV website under “Prototype.” We all share the same concerns when it comes to safety, recreational space, and getting that building completed on schedule. We are unfortunately stuck with a prototype design that poorly matches the topography at Fernbank and will result in the loss of much of our forest. But by sacrificing some parking spaces, moving the structure up the hill a bit, and mirroring it (like they did for a much flatter Peachcrest site) we could end up with a great win-win for everybody and even save more trees.


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