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Notice of Rescheduled Public Hearing and Extended Comment Period: Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Roybal Campus 2025 Master Plan

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has prepared and filed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency the Roybal Campus 2025 Master Plan Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). The DEIS analyzes the potential impacts associated with the implementation of the 2015-2025 Master Plan (Master Plan) for HHS/CDC’s Edward R. Roybal Campus (Roybal Campus) located at 1600 Clifton Road N.E. in Atlanta, Georgia. The HHS/CDC announces the rescheduling of the public meeting to obtain public comment on the Roybal Campus 2025 Master Plan DEIS and the extension of the public comment period. The original public meeting was previously scheduled for Wednesday, January 29, 2014. The public meeting has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 20, 2014. HHS/CDC is further extending the public comment period to Thursday, April 10, 2014.

The DEIS is available electronically for review and comment at Federal eRulemaking Portal:, identified by Docket No. CDC -2012-0013. Hardcopies of the DEIS are also available for review at the following locations: Decatur Library, 215 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030; Toco Hill-Avis G. Williams Library, 1282 McConnell Drive, Decatur, GA 30030; Atlanta-Public Library Ponce de Leon Branch, 980 Ponce de Leon Ave. N.E., Atlanta, GA 30306; Atlanta-Public Library-Central Library, One Margaret Mitchell Square, Atlanta, GA 30303; Atlanta-Public Library-Kirkwood Branch, 11 Kirkwood Rd. N.E. Atlanta, GA 30317; and, Emory University- Robert W. Woodruff Library, 540 Asbury Cir., Atlanta, GA 30322.

Written Comments: HHS/CDC invites the general public, along with state, federal and local agencies to submit written comments on the DEIS. Written comments to be accepted and addressed in the FEIS must be postmarked on or before Thursday, April 10, 2014. Please submit comments identified by Docket No. CDC-2012-0013, by any of the following methods:

  • Federal eRulemaking Portal: Follow the instructions for submitting comments.
  • Mail: George F. Chandler, Senior Advisor, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Road, N.E., Mailstop A-22, Atlanta, Georgia 30333

All submissions received must include the agency name and Docket Number. All relevant comments received will be posted without change to, including any personal information provided. For access to the docket, to read background documents or comments received, go to

Rescheduled Public Hearing: HHS/CDC will hold the rescheduled public meeting on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at the HHS/CDC Edward R. Roybal Campus, Tom Harkin Global Communications Center (Building 19), Auditorium A, located at 1600 Clifton Road N.E., Atlanta, GA 30333, to solicit public comments on the DEIS. The public meeting will consist of an “Open House” from 7:00 p.m. EST to approximately 8:00 p.m. EST, followed by a formal presentation and a formal comment period.

Please be advised that the meeting is being held in a Federal government building; therefore, Federal security measures are applicable. In planning your arrival time, please take into account the need to park and clear security. All visitors must enter the Roybal Campus through the entrance on Clifton Road; the guard force will direct visitors to the designated parking area. Visitors must present government issued photo identification (e.g., a valid Federal identification badge, state driver’s license, state non-driver’s identification card, or passport). Non-United States citizens must present a valid passport, visa, Permanent Resident Card, or other type of work authorization document. All persons entering the building must pass through a metal detector. Visitors will be issued a visitor’s ID badge at the entrance to Building 19 and will be escorted in groups of 5–10 persons to the meeting room. All items brought to HHS/CDC are subject to inspection.

For Further Information or Requests for Special Accommodations Contact: George F. Chandler, Senior Advisor, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1600 Clifton Road, N.E., Mailstop A-22, Atlanta, Georgia 30333. Telephone: (404) 639-5153. Email: Persons wishing to participate in the public meeting who need special accommodations should contact George F. Chandler by Thursday, March 13, 2014.

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  1. Mike St. Louis #

    CDC is a premier and deeply-respected national and global agency. Druid Hills gains enormously by having this source of leadership and employment right in its midst.

    However, CDC is having an unfortunate impact on the whole Clifton Corridor and surrounding neighborhoods by not charging its employees for parking, which it should be doing according to federal regulations, and which Emory does for its employees. Besides leading to excessive traffic in the Corridor, it is bad for the air quality, for global warming, and perhaps most important — for the health of its own employees!

    Disincentives to solo motor driving to work, such as parking fees, are by far the most important stimulus to behavior change.

    I hope many neighbors turn out to voice both 1) their appreciation for CDC as a fantastic neighbor, and 2) their wish to keep CDC employees and the environment healthier through the small Nudge (see Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein) of a parking fee!



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