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Roybal Campus Update

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently reviewing all comments submitted by the April 10, 2014, deadline. The CDC will then determine if the DEIS analysis is complete and possibly conduct further analyses, and commenters will receive replies, according to George Chandler, Senior Advisor, Office of Safety, Security & Asset Management for the CDC. The CDC also is developing a range of mitigation measures based on both the DEIS analysis and comments received.  Once these tasks are complete, the CDC will prepare a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) that will be made available to all interested parties for review and comment. The FEIS will contain any additional analysis as well as all comments received on the DEIS and CDC’s responses.

The FEIS will be ready in early summer 2014. Once the FEIS public review is complete, the CDC will issue its final Master Plan selected alternative and explain why that alternative was selected, other alternatives considered, significant impacts of the alternatives, and mitigation measures relevant to the selected alternative that the CDC can commit to over the 10-year master plan implementation period in a public document called a Record of Decision (ROD).

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