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Bringing it All Back Home

Coming of age in Druid Hills has always been a magical memory for Cynthia Waterbury, chair of Sponsorship for the 2014 Druid Hills Tour of Homes & Gardens.  She was four years old when her family moved to 1442 North Decatur Road. Venturing far and wide with friends of all ages, she experienced the entire neighborhood as her backyard.  “All doors were open to us,” she explained recently, “I felt at home wherever I landed.”

Setting off on adventures led by a young neighbor who was “kind of a pied piper,” the children were rarely reined in by their parents. “Dodge ball, cops and robbers, biking to Candler Lake for crayfish, walking on the golf course and along the creek, exploring hidden gardens on Emory and Harvard Roads . . . we were wanderers,” Cynthia recalls. At very young ages, the children wound “through the creaky aisles of Horton’s to buy candy,” stopped at the homes of elderly residents for treats ranging from peppermint sticks to stewed okra, and trespassed through Mrs. Crabapple’s backyard (“we never knew her real name”) just to get scolded.

Cynthia and her parents left Atlanta in 1978 and spent many years away. She returned in 2009 with her husband and son. One of the first things she did was to sign up to work on the Tour. “I love getting to know my neighbors, people who are committed to the Tour year after year. I learn so much about the community and its issues. The Tour is my center.”

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