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Finding Reciprocity in Druid Hills

As chair of the 2014 Tour Committee, Ryan Graham oversees the entire enterprise including the smallest details involving banners and docent notes. Yet the Atlanta native, who holds a B.S. in civil engineering from Georgia Tech, also sees a bigger picture.

The Tour is part of an important social relationship, he said recently. Druid Hills lends its landscape, streetscape, and architecture for the Tour to showcase; the Tour capitalizes on those features and returns esprit de corps and funds raised to the community.

As the co-owner of a real estate firm, the Graham-Seeby Group, Ryan works with property every day.  “When I am busy with the Tour, though,” he explained, “I leave ‘real estate’ at the street. I’m interested in what the houses tell me about the people who live there.”

During his college years, Ryan observed as Atlantic Station rose and transformed his Georgia Tech neighborhood. A Druid Hills resident with his wife since 2006, he watches closely as the community adapts to change while the Olmsted linear park endures.  “I plan to return as Tour chair next year,” Ryan said. “Druid Hills is wonderful and I love to give back to it.”

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    Thank you, Ryan! And how wonderful that you will do this again in 2015!


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