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DHCA Responds to 2014 DeKalb County Transportation Plan

The Transportation Committee of the Druid Hills Civic Association has submitted its comments to DeKalb County regarding the proposed transportation plan which can be viewed at

The Committee’s comments appear below.

DHCA Response to Invitation for Public Comment

If you are concerned about transportation in DeKalb County and would like to participate in the Transportation Committee, please contact

  1. claudiajkeenan #

    If you would like to submit a comment, the deadline is the end of business today.

  2. Thank you to the DHCA Transportation Committee for this thoughtful and on-target critique of the transit plan! Increasing motor vehicle flow through Clifton is exactly the WRONG approach to transportation planning in DeKalb County and Druid Hills.

    The best places to live, esp. for millenials, are Walkable Urban Places (WalkUPs). Above all, we need mass transit and safe walkable/bikable transit along the Clifton Corridor. Even at the level of the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Clifton Corridor is the employment zone most underserved by mass transit in the whole Metro area.

    It’s terrific that our Civic Association’s Transportation Committee has submitted this comment, but neighbors should also go in individually and voice their recommendations, as quantity of comments has weight as well as quality.


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