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Survey Results

The Druid Hills Civic Association would like to thank neighborhood residents for taking the time to complete its survey regarding annexation and cityhood. There was a high overall response rate which indicates the seriousness with which we all view this issue. The DHCA also thanks respondents for their appreciative comments.

The survey shows significantly greater and roughly equal support for the options of annexation to the City of Atlanta and remaining in unincorporated DeKalb County, with respondents decisively rejecting the option of being included in any new city. Druid Hills residents cited schools, taxes, services, preserving the historic district, and remaining in the same jurisdiction as Emory University as the main factors in their choices.

Further analysis is needed and will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

Thank you for your participation.

  1. MD #

    I am interested in seeing the data that reflects how those currently residing in unincorporated DeKalb view the City of Atlanta annexation question, as, of course, those Druid Hills residents currently living inside the City of Atlanta boundaries should not be able to vote on the annexation question for others whose status may change as a result of the outcome of the vote.

  2. Looking at the map, if any of the areas to the East of Druid Hills incorporate, then DH will be in an unincorporated island. So for instance, if City of Voldemort (or whatever the “city that does not have a name” is called) annexes Medlock Park and continues North, then DH will be totally surrounded. The Gen Assembly has stated that unincorporated islands cannot happen, and this is explicitly stated in the Georgia annexation and regulations guide. So while “stay in unincorporated DeKalb” might have decent support, we must take note of the fact that that choice may not ultimately be available. I thought the survey was quite well done. My only critique was that it did not have a question about preferences if we are forced to choose one municipality. My take from this survey is that the answer to that question would be “go to Atlanta.” I am looking forward to seeing the raw data.

    • #


      The corruption in Atlanta is astonding and I delt with it for 20 years. Going to Dekalb to get permits is a dream compared to the Atlanta City Hall where I encoutered reverse racism and sheer incompetance with many of the people that worked in those departments. As I pointed out, I saw firsthand the corruption in the Atlanta Police department with Major Woolard and others. Atlanta’s sewer system is crumbeling and you would have to pay an extra penny in sales tax at Emory Village for their mess. A smaller city like Briarcliff or Decatur is the way to go. Education in Decatur is the number one priority. It is a long term goal of Lakeside to have an independent Lakeside High. When my father, Jack Murlin, graduated from Druid Hills High in 1941, it was independent and top noch. We would have little say with Atlanta or their board of education. Are you aware of how deep the cheating and corruption is in Atlanta School System? If you read into the background of some of the administration in Atalnta, it is shocking. Would you like your children or grandchildren to be a part of Atlanta’s mess? You do not know who they would send to Druid Hills High – there is no gaurantee what Atlanta would do in the furture. North Decatur and Clairmont should not be awarded to Decatur without taking into consideration Druid Hills. Briarcliff/Lakeside is already taking every shopping plaza to our north including Toco Hill, North Druid and Briarcliff and Executive Park whether we join them or not – why should not we be included for better services at the same or lower tax rate. The Briarcliff group is a first rate group of bipartican citizens.

      I have no idea who is behind the push for Atlanta or what the motives are (political?), but it is clear that they want to avoid any talk of Briarcliff/ Lakeside or Decatur and the dramatic differences when compared to Atlanta. Decatur is a tougher nut but they would have to be convienced it would not hurt their school system. Druid Hills would not hurt Decatur, it would be a great gain for Decatur – they would gain the new Fernabank and Druid Hills High, which would have a huge amout of extra room for the over crowed Decatur system. Again, we should hang on to North Decatur and Clairmont, which is the crossroads of Druid Hills and Decatur.

      Also in the future, any surveys should have the option of letting people mail in their answers because many senior citizens are not computer savey.


      John Frost Murlin
      1404 Emory Road

    • Bob #

      I also agree the survey was well done and am interested in seeing the raw data-without being filtered. The annexation information posted on this website to date is clearly promoting the Atlanta option.

      Perhaps those opposing the city of Atlanta option aren’t as organized yet. But I know they are planning to meet.

  3. mlw #

    what does “significantly greater and roughly equal support” mean?

  4. John Frost Murlin #

    I am surprised that no detailed analysis has been presented here to compare the City of Briarcliff/Lakeside (soon to be renamed) with unincorporated DeKalb as well as the specific benefits that Briarcliff/Lakeside offer. The benefits, including local control have been documented on it’s website and Facebook pages do not appear on these pages. A lot of people are not familiar with the term “new city”, much less the specifics and benefits of the City of Briarcliff/Lakeside.

    John Frost Murlin
    1404 Emory Road

    • claudiajkeenan #

      Please refer to information posted here for comparisons between unincorporated DeKalb and City of Atlanta. We don’t use information from Facebook pages. All information posted here was provided directly to us.


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