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Trees Atlanta NeighborWoods Program and the DHCA

Trees Atlanta is enthusiastic about continuing to plant shade trees in our front yards and common areas to increase the tree canopy in our neighborhood. Below are the details about the program.

  • Trees will be planted on Saturday, November 7 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Volunteers from our neighborhood and the metro Atlanta area will help us plant our trees.
  • DHCA Division 5 (between Peavine Creek, N. Decatur & RR Lines) and Division 8 (Emory University, N. Decatur Rd to S. Peachtree Creek) will participate in this year’s tree plantings. A map showing the DHCA divisions is available at:
  • The $200 cost for each tree will be split between Trees Atlanta, Druid Hills homeowners, and the DHCA. Trees Atlanta will contribute $100 per tree. Druid Hills homeowners who are members of the DHCA will pay $50 for each tree (maximum of 2 trees per homeowner). Those who are not DHCA members will contribute $100 per tree. The DHCA will contribute $50 — up to $100 per household — for trees for DHCA members but this offer is limited to the first 30 trees purchased.
  • The DHCA’s offer to contribute $50 per tree for DHCA members is limited to 30 trees total equally divided between Divisions 5 and 8. First come, first served in each division!

  • If a DHCA member purchases 2 trees for her front yard or a common area at the special rate of $50/tree and she wants to purchase additional trees for her front yard, she will pay the full $100 for each additional tree.
  • The deadline to sign up for this program is October 5th. Trees Atlanta will then set up appointments to meet with the homeowners to assist each homeowner in determining the appropriate tree(s) for her yard and the placement of the trees. In the past, shade trees have included: Oaks, Maples, Hornbeams, Lindens, Elms, Tupelos/Blackgums and Tulip Poplars.
  • If a homeowner wants to plant an understory tree — for example, a Dogwood — Trees Atlanta will assess the site for shade in the proposed planting site and the location of utility lines.
  • By October 5th, homeowners should contact their Division Chairs to sign up for the program.   For Division 5, contact Elise Riley at For Division 8, contact Ron Foust & Van Biesel at Please provide them the following information:

a. your name, address, e-mail address and phone number;

b. number of trees for your front yard and any trees for the back yard;

c. type of tree you would like to plant if you know which tree you want;

d. whether you are a member of the DHCA.

  • Checks for the trees should be made payable to “Trees Atlanta.” If homeowners want to join the DHCA to receive the member discount, they must pay their dues no later than the date of the tree plantings which is Nov. 7; checks for Membership should be made payable to “DHCA.” To pay your membership dues online, click here. All payments must be given to your Division representative no later than November 7; payment on November 7 will be accepted.
  • If by October 5th, Divisions 5 and 8 do not purchase 30 trees for which the DHCA pays $50 each, the program will be offered to other divisions in Druid Hills.
  • If you participate in the program, please plan to be home on Saturday, November 7th. We know things happen but we prefer you be with us if at all possible. Also, please be prepared to water the trees if the rainfall is insufficient for the year after the trees are planted.
  • Please join us on November 7, 2015 for this important program!
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