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Druid Hills Crime Update

At its September board meeting, the DHCA voted to fund an anti-crime initiative recommended by its Public Safety & Security Committee. The funds will enable the committee to expedite a plan to substantially increase neighborhood surveillance. 

To date we have met with DeKalb police officials, local precinct commander Major Voss and Lieutenant Merrifield.  

Please continue to be vigilant. We must each do our part to keep our neighborhood safe. Here are recommendations from the Druid Hills Patrol:

  • Remind guests to remove everything from their cars. Laptop bags, briefcases, backpacks, even shopping bags are attractive to thieves, and no one wants to replace window glass, especially after a thief has stolen an EMPTY bag. Everything should be removed from the vehicle or, if not possible, at least locked in the trunk.
  • See something, say something. You noticed a strange car parked in front of a friend’s house down the street or someone checking your neighbor’s front door? Notify the homeowner and the police.
  • Someone ran out of your yard as you drove in? You discovered that items had been moved around in your yard? It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator is no longer on site. Call 911. We will not receive increased police protection unless police departments know that there is a need for their services.

Report EVERY incident to the DHP after contacting the police.

  • Remember, the Patrol is NOT an emergency response organization. Their budget does not allow them to provide coverage 24/7.  But they need to hear about everything that happens in the neighborhood so that their officers can plan future coverage. You can email them at

You can increase the safety and security of our neighborhood!

  • The Druid Hills Patrol is actively recruiting new members to increase the number of hours the DHP officers can patrol. Do your part to encourage your neighbors and friends to join. Find information on the “Why Join” pages of the DHP website, and forward this link to your non-member neighbors and friends:

For more information, please see

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