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DeKalb’s Audit Oversight Committee

As required by state law, a five-member committee has been appointed to serve on an oversight committee that will review candidates for the position of independent internal auditor. The auditor will root out fraud, reduce inefficiencies, and expose waste, according to House Bill 599.

The members of the new committee are:

  • Harmel Deanne Codi, the Georgia Senate’s nominee, has worked as a senior financial officer in the DeKalb Community Development Department and as an auditor for GE Finance,
  • Gena Major, Interim CEO Lee May’s nominee, is the director of continuous improvement for the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority,
  • Monica Miles, the Georgia House’s nominee, is the president of MH Miles Company, a certified public accounting firm with offices in Georgia, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.,
  • Belinda Pedroso, a DeKalb Commission nominee, is the senior auditor for the University System of Georgia’s Office of Internal Audit and Compliance,
  • Harold Smith Jr., a DeKalb Commission nominee, is a retired auditor for the Georgia Department of Labor and Lucent Technologies.

The Audit Oversight Committee will nominate between two and three candidates to serve as the auditor. If the DeKalb Commission does not appoint one of those candidates within 30 days, the committee will choose the auditor.

The committee also will monitor the county government’s actions in response to the auditor’s findings, propose the auditor’s budget, and create auditing standards.

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