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About the DHCA

The Druid Hills Civic Association was founded in 1938 to preserve the Druid Hills neighborhood for residential use and to protect the unique heritage of the area. Much of our work involves exercising vigilance in zoning matters, communicating with local and state officials, informing the residents about community issues, and promoting the general welfare of the neighborhood for the enjoyment of its residents today and in the future.

The DHCA holds regularly scheduled Board Meetings that are open to the public. In attendance are DHCA directors including officers of the Executive Committee, Division Chairs who represent specific geographic areas within the community, various Committee Chairs, invited speakers, and members of the general public. Please check our calendar for dates.

Members of the Druid Hills community are encouraged to contact their Division Chairs for information and to report issues and problems.  These representatives gather information and report to the DHCA, which decides how to respond and whether to initiate action.

The DHCA is organized with a governing board, officers, and standing committees. Special and liaison committees are formed and dissolved as they are needed to address specific issues. The Druid Hills Civic Association is a “grassroots” organization and therefore 100% dependent on volunteers. Your assistance will always be appreciated, and the first way to show your support is to become a member.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Druid Hills Historic District incorporates in its entirety the area formerly listed as the Druid Hills Parks and Parkways Historic District.

Contact Us:
P.O. Box 363
Decatur, GA 30031-0363

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