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City of Atlanta Annexation

Comparison of Mandatory & Discretionary Services: DeKalb County / City of Atlanta

Released by DeKalb County Operations Task Force, 8/27/14

This comparison correlates various County and City departments and services with sections of the Georgia Code. As such, it addresses cost and process. While it can be used to understand DeKalb County and City of Atlanta services, the guide also provides a good sense of what is involved in creating a new city. CITY SERVICES & COUNTY SERVICES

Historic Preservation, Planning & Zoning in the City of Atlanta

Most of Druid Hills that lies within the City of Atlanta is included in the Druid Hills Landmark District. The Landmark District regulations are essentially zoning regulations. Atlanta is unique in managing historic preservation through zoning rather than guidelines. The system involves several levels of checks and balances. Please see

Urban Design Commission

The Atlanta Urban Design Commission (UDC), established in 1975, is comprised of a professional staff of five and board of 11 members who are residents of the City of Atlanta. The board must at all times include two architects, a landscape architect, a lawyer, a land developer, a real estate professional, a historic preservationist, an artist, a historian, a neighborhood representative, and an urban planner.

In 1989, the City of Atlanta established its current Historic Preservation Ordinance. Since then, more than 70 individual properties and 18 districts have been brought under its protection. The UDC oversees changes in the exteriors of designated properties and issues Certificates of Appropriateness as well as building permits.

For the Historic Preservation Ordinance click here.

The UDC also reviews and comments to the Zoning Review Board and Board of Zoning Adjustment on all proposed actions pending before those boards regarding any building, site or district that has been designated under the city’s historic preservation ordinance.

For more information about the UDC, please visit:

Zoning Review Board

The Mayor and City Council appoint the nine-member Zoning Review Board, which meets twice monthly to consider property rezoning and special use permits. The board weighs the recommendations of the relevant Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) and the Office of Planning (OOP) staff, and makes rezoning recommendations to the City Council’s Zoning Committee.

Neighborhood Planning Units

The City of Atlanta encourages its residents to follow zoning, land use, and planning issues and relies on them to participate in their Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs). Established in 1974, NPUs provide an opportunity for residents to express their concerns and opinions related to the city’s plans and proposals, with special attention to historic preservation and development. NPUs meet monthly and are a forum for community members to give and receive information. For more information, please visit:

Links for more information on City of Atlanta and Annexation:

Together in

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City of Atlanta’s New 311 System:

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Atlanta Annexation Brochure: Annexation Brochure

City of Atlanta Annexation Presentation: Download the Presentation as a PDF or Download the Presentation as a PowerPoint

Neighborhood Associations Meeting Remarks – 8.22.2014: Neighborhood Associations Meeting

City of Atlanta:

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  1. Julie #

    Would all of Druid Hills be annexed, or just the part near the Highlands/Morningside/Lenox Park? I was surprised to learn that section wasn’t already in Atlanta, and it being annexed makes sense to me. However, it doesn’t make as much sense for those of us on the other side the community who border the City of Decatur. When would information about the schools be available?


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