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DeKalb County Commissioners

CLIFTON_RIDGEContact info for DeKalb County Commissioners as of Sept. 2014

Mailing address is the same for all Commissioners: 1300 Commerce Dr., Decatur, GA 30030


Name/District Notes Phone Email

(District 1)

Elaine Boyer Resigned 404-371-2844
Jeff Rader

(District 2)

Represents Druid Hills 404-371-2863
Larry Johnson

(District 3)

Sharon Barnes Sutton

(District 4)

Lee May

(District 5)

Currently Also Interim DeKalb CEO 404-371-4745
Kathie Gannon

(Super District 6)

Represents Druid Hills 404-371-4909
Stan Watson

(Super District 7)


Suggested points to make – but the best letter/email/phone call expresses your own feelings on why Clifton Ridge is bad for Druid Hills:

(Of course, when you write/email/call Jeff Rader and Kathie Gannon, it will be to thank them for opposing Clifton Ridge so steadfastly – they have been our strongest allies throughout this whole ordeal. The below points are for all the other commissioners.)

  • Why hasn’t the Clifton Ridge developer been required to win the same approval from our Historic Preservation Commission as a regular homeowner like me? In 10 years, he has never won HPC approval for a single one of his applications.
  • If this developer can do this at Clifton Ridge, why can’t the next developer do it on a lot near me? This sets a disastrous precedent for all of Druid Hills – one that could well ruin the physical integrity of our neighborhood forever.
  • How did the “limited” Certificate of Appropriateness (just two items were listed) you voted for, over the objections of our DH commissioners, turn into a Land Disturbance Permit that includes everything from cutting 89 trees to installing a storm water detention system, as well as installing utilities, among many other items?
  • Why did you vote to go against the written recommendations of the profession staff advising both the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals? [Of course, Jeff Rader and Kathie Gannon voted for, not against the neighborhood; so when writing them, thank them for their on-going support!]

Thanks so much for expressing your opposition to Clifton Ridge – it will definitely make an impact!

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