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Final Report

The Senate Study Committee on Annexation, De-annexation & Incorporation, chaired by Senator Elena Parent, has issued its final report. You may read it HERE.

Together in Atlanta, an organization that advocated for annexation of Druid Hills to the City of Atlanta, recently disbanded.

Safety & Security

On December 1, several hundred Druid Hills residents attended a meeting about combatting a crime wave that has plagued the neighborhood for nearly one year. The event, which featured a panel discussion and Q&A session, was moderated by DHCA president Cathy Vandenberg and State Senator Elena Parent.

Panel members included DeKalb County Commissioners Kathie Gannon and Jeff Rader; Atlanta City Council member Alex Wan; Chief Conroy, Major Voss, and Lt. Merrifield of the DeKalb Police Dept.; Major Peek and Captain Gourley of the Atlanta Police Dept.; and Deputy Chief Cheryl Elliott for the Emory University Police Dept. Read more

Final Passage

The Druid Hills [City] Landmark District Text Amendment was passed by the Atlanta City Council on November 16. Druid Hills is the fourth designated neighborhood district to have completed the Text Amendment project initiated by the Atlanta Office of Planning in September 2010. Per the stated goals of the project, the Druid Hills Landmark District regulations – Chapter 20B of the Atlanta zoning code – have been clarified and simplified. As part of that effort, the Druid Hills Landmark District now has a list of Contributing vs. Non-Contributing Properties, something not required when the District was first designated in 1982. Both the Text Amendment and the list will remain available on the DHCA website in the Historic Preservation section. Please follow the links to the amended text of the Druid Hills Landmark District ordinance and the list of contributing vs. non-contributing properties.

DeKalb’s Audit Oversight Committee

As required by state law, a five-member committee has been appointed to serve on an oversight committee that will review candidates for the position of independent internal auditor. The auditor will root out fraud, reduce inefficiencies, and expose waste, according to House Bill 599.

The members of the new committee are:

  • Harmel Deanne Codi, the Georgia Senate’s nominee, has worked as a senior financial officer in the DeKalb Community Development Department and as an auditor for GE Finance,
  • Gena Major, Interim CEO Lee May’s nominee, is the director of continuous improvement for the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority,
  • Monica Miles, the Georgia House’s nominee, is the president of MH Miles Company, a certified public accounting firm with offices in Georgia, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.,
  • Belinda Pedroso, a DeKalb Commission nominee, is the senior auditor for the University System of Georgia’s Office of Internal Audit and Compliance,
  • Harold Smith Jr., a DeKalb Commission nominee, is a retired auditor for the Georgia Department of Labor and Lucent Technologies.

Read more

Text Amendment Update

We have received the final documents for the Druid Hills Landmark District Text Amendment, which will affect the part of Druid Hills that lies within the City of Atlanta. Two important meetings related to the amendment have been scheduled. First is the Atlanta City Council Zoning Committee, which has the amendment on its meeting agenda under the Zoning Review Board list of “approved” legislation. That meeting will take place on November 10 at 9:30am.

Then the amendment will be voted on at the November 16, 1:00pm meeting of the Atlanta City Council. After the Council passes the legislation, the Mayor will have eight days to sign it. City Council meetings are held in Council Chambers of City Hall, 2nd floor of the Trinity Avenue side. The text amendment will appear under the Zoning Committee portion of the full agenda.

Please follow the links to the amended text of the Druid Hills Landmark District ordinance, the list of contributing vs. non-contributing properties, and the cover sheet for the Text Amendment legislation (Z-15-40).