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Welcome to the Druid Hills Survey


This survey covers the households in Druid Hills. Therefore, the code may be used by only one member of each household.

In the weeks ahead, the Druid Hills Civic Association (DHCA) will take a position on a historic decision about cityhood or annexation for our neighborhood.

Ultimately, you may be asked to vote in a referendum. But before that happens, the Georgia General Assembly must decide if Druid Hills residents will vote on a referendum joining Druid Hills to the city of Atlanta or creating a new city with Briarcliff/Lakeside; or if no referendum will be held, keeping most of Druid Hills in unincorporated DeKalb County.

By participating in this brief survey, you will help DHCA Board members accurately represent your feelings to state lawmakers and others.

If you want to read about the options facing Druid Hills before taking the survey, please visit this page.

Survey postcard address codeTo participate in the survey, you must enter the Login Code on the front of the postcard we mailed all Druid Hills residents. It is a code with a letter and four digits and is located above your address. Please enter it on the survey page.

The deadline for completing the survey is November 10, so please take the survey today.

Thank you!