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Thank You for Your Donation

Dear DHCA Member,

We recognize that many organizations ask for your support, and are pleased that you consider us a priority.

As one of the oldest civic associations in the Southeast, the DHCA has a long history of looking out for our beautiful neighborhood. Our founders wished to protect Frederick Law Olmsted’s original plan of parks and streetscapes as development and commercial growth accelerated in the years after World War I.

From the start, the DHCA collaborated with neighborhood groups and institutions. Its earliest initiatives included supporting the creation of the Fernbank Forest Trust and a bond referendum to expand the Druid Hills School. Through the years, the DHCA has championed historic preservation and beautification. With a starting contribution of $10,000, it helped launch the Olmsted Linear Park Alliance and has worked with groups concerned about creek pollution and watershed issues. During the 1970s, the DHCA determinedly pursued the designation of 1,400 acres of Druid Hills as a National Register Historic District. We helped save the Callanwolde Mansion from demolition. Perhaps most significantly, across three decades the DHCA defeated successive attempts to transform Ponce de Leon Avenue into an expressway that would have effectively obliterated the Linear Park.

In recent years, we have lent our support to the following organizations: Burbanck Park, Rutledge Park, the Lullwater Conservation Garden, Callanwolde, the Southfork Conservancy, and local public and private schools among many other institutions and groups.

We hope you will attend our monthly meetings and spend some time looking at our website.

Thank you!

Membership Committee

Druid Hills Civic Association

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